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War, Tomcat, Installer procedures overview

Question asked by williamgh on May 15, 2010
Latest reply on May 21, 2010 by williamgh
Ive gotten Alfresco running in a couple different maners now, but not happy with the mess I made, I want to start again and do it the right way. After reading the forums for a couple days, I've come across info that raises some questions that should have obvious answers… so I'll just ask.

Please explain the different installation scenerios of clean install processes. How do you do a War install, a Tomcat install and a custom Installer procedure?

1: The pre-packaged Installer comes with everything. Its a no-brainer install and works. But my question about this approach is, is this process just as customizable as the manual and long winded procedures? If someone is capable and familiar with Alfresco, would he/she still use this installer? When and why?

2: Tomcat seems to be the bundled manual install process. After having been through this, I see there are certain components in this package that go against what the install manual describes. Please list what comes with Tomcat that I dont have to worry about installing on my own, OR list what essential items I must install that Tomcat does not come with.

3: I first thought that the WAR files are only for upgrades on a working Alfresco system. Is this right or wrong? I think I read in the forums that you can install Alfresco from scratch with WAR files so can someone confirm this with a quick run-down of what the process would look like?

What I'm looking for here is a simple and reliable install process that allows some options durring install that arent offered in the Installer package. This should also consider the ability to manipulate options through out system and stable future Alfresco upgrades.
I can see how that is a broad request but the answer would depend on my capabilities. I'm good with C, java, and PHP but I dont have time to search through forums full of complaints like my own for the in's and out's of Alfresco manual configurations.
The install manual is full of great info but I need a little more help in understanding the scope of various installation processes.

I think these answers will help me and others out greatly with beginning a good install process!