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Custom Document Library Action not working

Question asked by linkinmal on May 17, 2010
Hi all,

So I tried to follow the tutorial, and only changed the names 'backup'. But the implementation is still the same, the action is supposed to make a backup.

But it doesn't. I changed the config.xml like said in the tutorial, I can see my action button on Alfresco Share, I made the changes to the repository, I created the .js files. But the button just doesn't do anything.

Then I saw here somewhere that we should also provide a -min.js version of the same file. Fine, I did it as well. But it still doesn't work. I have checked the names and links in the files several times, but I can't get this to work.

One other question, in the tutorial, it says that we create a space hierarchy of /org/alfresco/slingshot/documentlibrary/action. Why is it important?

Also, the tutorial tells me to remove share.war at some point, but we know everything gets removed with it, don't we?

ANd finally, is there a way for us to debug this thing, so I can know where the problem with the action is?