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Update 3.4 > 4.2 Nightly Solr wont start

Question asked by iljas on Jun 15, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2012 by iljas
Hi guys,

currently I am trying to Upgrade from 3.4 to version 4.2 Nightly on a LINUX system.

Unfortunately Solr wont start because a path configuration error.

My installation directory is /data/alf40
I am using the latest Nightly build of linux installer x64.
The Installation is currently configured to run standard lucene for the upgrade to work.
Despite that Solr should start in background to let it index the repository and switch indexing systems when it's done.

When I start up the system I get a SEVERE Error that tells me that Solr home is configured to

core1: /data/alf40/alf_data/solr/workspaces-SpacesStor\
core2: /data/alf40/alf_Data/sorl/Archives-SpacesStor\

Note the BACKslash at the end of the path!

In the next step Solr core tries to load solrconfig.xml from

And fails because the backslash is a escape character on a linux system.

Question 1:
Can someone tell my where the BACKslash is coming from?
I can only find where to configure solr.home.dir but it is only /data/alf40/alf_data/solr.

Question 2:
Is there a variable similar to solr.home.dir or something like solr.conf.dir to override the worng configpath?

Question 3:
Can you think of an workaround? I can place solrconfig.xml in the class path so that tomcat can find it but won't solve the problem that the system will try to refer to the rest of the config files (like using the worng path.

Thank a lot for your Time.