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Auto-login to alfresco

Question asked by squadak on May 18, 2010

For a few days I'm trying to link cas (created by myself few months ago) and alfresco using sso. Almost everyting works fine, but if I try to log into for ex. "tom"'s account which is created in cas but not in alfresco, alfresco creates that account authomaticaly, but it contains only user name ale space for this user but no password, no mail, no last name. As a result of this fact instead of alfresco UI I see just white page.
Tomcat's log:
15:01:33,689  ERROR [hariboo.filter.AuthFilter] setCurrentUser: 04180013 Failed to set current user wmz: No custom message defined.

Here is a fragment of my web.xml file:
      <filter-name>Authentication Filter</filter-name>
      <description>Authentication filter mapped only to faces URLs. Other URLs generally use proprietary means to talk to the AuthenticationComponent</description>

      <!– For Novell IChain support use the following filter –>