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Alfresco Webscript WCService Authentication

Question asked by cnihill on May 18, 2010

I have created a webscript that is accessible from within a site external to Alfresco.
The webscript is accessed through the following URL using wcservice.


The issue I am having at the moment is that when a user initially attempts to access this webscript, they are directed to the Alfresco Explorer homepage.
When they try accessing the webscript again by just entering the address again, they are brought to the webscript page.
It seems that the initial access logs the user into Alfresco (they already have an account set up in Alfresco) the second attempt realises that the user is logged in and brings up the correct page.

I have NTML SSO authentication enabled in and the authentication chain includes passthru, ntlm and ldap.
I have no issue with SSO when accessing documents directly on the Share application.

Can anyone tell me how I can bypass the initial login and have the user go straight to the webscript without the initial visit to the Alfresco Explorer page?

I would greatly appreciate any help with this topic.