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problems installing web scripts in the repository in share.

Question asked by dhurley on May 18, 2010
In the 'alfresco explorer' application I have managed to install web scripts using the following steps:

1. I browse to the 'Company Home\Data Dictionary\Web Scripts Extension' folder.
2. Install the web script files one by one using the 'Add Content' link.
3. Move to the web script list at 'localhost:8080\alfresco\service\index' and click 'Refresh Web Scripts'.
I can then see the number of web scripts incremented and view the new web script in the list.

Following what seems to me like the equivalent steps in the 'alfresco share' application doesn't work for me.
I am moving to the same folder in the repository and clicking 'upload' for each file.
Then refreshing scripts on 'localhost:8080\share\service\index' returns the number of web scripts unchanged and no new web script is added to the list.

Would anyone know why this method of installing web scripts in the 'share' application is not working for me?

I'm using community edition 3.3 on Windows 7.