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How to configure / customize Export Action

Question asked by armedia on May 18, 2010
Hello All,

I happen to research on the "Export" action provided by the Alfresco Explorer and it satisfies most of our client requirements (90%). However to address the requirements below, I am not sure what is the path I need to take;
1. Have the document that gets exported retain the same file name instead of the system generated name . Ex: content_0.pdf, content_1.txt
2. Configure the system generated XML to more readable format.
3. Maintain the same folder(space) structure in the generated acp file. Instead of grouping all the documents beneath one folder , create the folders and have documents appropriately.

Now to achieve this, do I need to find the way of customization of the whole export class or is there a configurable way to get the results?

Any inputs/thoughts on this regard is appreciated.

Let me know if you need nay further information on this regard.