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What happens before a mySQL call when opening a space?

Question asked by unknown-user on May 18, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2010 by unknown-user
I am having big problems with speed while looking in spaces and accessing files (from the gui) from a clustered server, to the remote host (where the DB is located).

I'm using Alf 3.2 Community on a Fedora 12 machine that is connected remotely to a mySQL DB (Alf host).
To open a space with 10 other spaces inside it takes between 20-30 seconds, where on the host it takes about a second.

After doing a tcpdump I found that the mySQL call happens only during the last second before the space/data loads, so it looks like its not a DB issue. I am wondering if anyone knows what happens before the mySQL call is made and why it is slowing Alf down so much as to make it unusable?

From my understanding the lucene indexes simply tokenize items and add descriptions, do they have anything to do with slow speeds?

Thank you.