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content store and cachingContentStore confusion

Question asked by aweber1nj on Jun 19, 2012
I think I'm "close", but I'm apparently confused about how Alfresco will attempt to determine which contentService (?) to choose to retrieve content…and how to choose a content store to write content.

I have modified the caching-content-store-context.xml.sample, but when I start Alfresco, it looks like I've overridden the default storage config to the point that I get errors because Alfresco is trying to use the caching storage to read previously-existing content (prior to installing this "new" storage config).  The content isn't in the new cached-location, it's still in the original fileContentStore location.

So I'm thinking I would like a way to install this caching storage config in parallel with the default Alfresco storage "store" (fileContentStore).

Do I need to edit the "contentService" bean and somehow add both the original ref bean "fileContentStore" and the new bean "cachingContentStore"?  How do I install the caching store and make it play-nice with the original storage configured OOTB?

How does Alfresco know which ContentStore class/bean/config to call to retrieve a previously stored binary?  It would appear that they all are supposed to start with the store:// protocol, so how does it know which of the ContentStore's to request the content from?

I guess that's a pretty wide-open request, but if anyone can help direct me, I'd appreciate it.  I've looked at the wiki and it didn't really answer this, nor does following the actual steps for the Caching Content Store actually work as written for 4.0.

Thanks in advance,