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(Workflow) Item Missing when Looking at Task Detail

Question asked by yaletech on Jun 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2012 by yaletech

I have search through the forum and was unable to find the solution to this small problem I have. I am new to Alfresco.

I assigned one of the default workflow (Review and Approve) to one of my colleague and added an item (a PDF document) for him to review and approve. When he open up his Dashboard, he could see the task I assigned to him but upon clicking the link, all the detail of the workflow are there but except that the ITEMS field is empty. It said NO ITEM IS SELECTED. He could still approve the task but he could not view the document since it is not there in the Task Detail.

I was wondering if there is a setting I forgot to set or something. I followed all the instruction and used the easy setup. I really appreciate any pointers you all could give me.

Thank you.