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Practical limit on how many documents to store in a space?

Question asked by stevegreenbaum on Jun 20, 2012
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We are implementing a RESTful content management service for a case management system and had a question about storing all of the documents in a single space under Company Home.  I have read online that there is a performance concern about storing too many documents in a single space.  However, I can’t tell if this is a concern with how the Alfresco OOTB user interface performs with many (I think it mentioned 2000) documents in a single space or is this a concern with how the repository will perform? 

Should we store all of the case documents in a single space under Company Home or do we need to create a hierarchy of spaces to limit how many documents are in any one space?  We will never be using the Alfresco UI for this application?  We are writing a custom UI that will retrieve approx. 20 documents at a time that are related to a single case.  Most of the queries will be to retrieve all documents related to a single case or to retrieve a single specific document. This repository will have 50M+ base nodes plus renditions. 

Is there a practical limit on how many documents that should be stored in a single space given our use-case?  I am looking for the technical rationale for why create a space hierarchy might be helpful in our case.  Thanks