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Running Alfresco Community for about 2 months

Question asked by stuntmonkeh on Jun 21, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2012 by jpotts
I installed the Alfresco Bitnami stack on CentOS 6 about two months ago.  Its running on an old Dell pc in the loft with minimal specs,  IIRC its only got 1GB of RAM.  I have had a few performance issues as you can imagine but its only me using it so its not too much bother to use.  Every so often it seems like it does help if I restart the server.

My Linux skills are small to non-existent but its running and its usable.

The experience I have had I would say that Alfresco is great for storing documents that you can tag etc. so you can find them and handy to preview the documents in the browser.  Works great as I scan alot of physical documents, letters etc. then throw the physical ones away.

What I cant figure is a good way of working on files.  Say I have five files that I am working on, I can check them out and work on them but more often than not I forget to check them back in.

There needs to be an easier way of doing this, would an installed client be a better method?

Say I am working on an image file.  At the moment I have to check the file out, download it, work on it, save it, check back in, revise the version…  Its all a bit long winded, or am I using it the wrong way?