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Alfresco WCM and Alfresco Surf

Question asked by e-manuel on May 20, 2010
Latest reply on May 25, 2010 by e-manuel
Hi there,
i use the Alfresco Community version 3.2r2 and i want to create our company homepage with Alfresco Surf, supported with Alfresco WCM.

I have the following problem:
My Website is based on Alfresco Surf Plattform and i deployed an surf.war file from the source. Its an Alfresco Surf Example war file.
So i started a new WebProject on Alfresco WCM and i did a Bulk Import of the war file.
The import is Ok, but when i want to preview the Webpage using the Alfresco Virtual Server (click on "Preview Website") the following tomcat error is shown:
HTTP Status 404 - /page
type Status report
message /page
description The requested resource (/page) is not available.

but when i deploy the snapshot and set it as LIVE, (and enter the real URL in my browser) it works as it should.
Only the preview does not work.
But the virtual server is running fine, because when i preview a static html page, the preview works. Only when i try to preview the Alfresco Surf snapshot it does not work.

Do u know, why the preview of an Alfresco SURF website does not work???