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Question asked by amarnath_v_l on Jun 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2012 by scouil
version:alfresco community4.0.d
i have install alfrseco community4.0d in linux envirnoment ,the applicaton is running successfully i can able to download /upload/startwork flow/preview/rule/manage/ the documents..but in mysql i cannot able to see the database which has created during installation process
the port which i am using is 3305..i tried with all possible syntax..but didnt help.
And  there is bitnami_alffesco folder in C:\Alfresco-4.0.d-0\mysql\data which means the application has successfully created the database bitnami_alfresco..but i am not able see that database through
mysql\bin>mysql -u root –port 3305
mysql>show databases;
the bitnami_alfresco folder is not listed there…