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Migration from hosted SharePoint 2007 (WSS)

Question asked by utopian on May 20, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2012 by utopian
I'm using a hosted SharePoint solution, which the basic SharePoint services (WSS) 2007. We haven't done any customization, and most of the important content is in standard document libraries. We have a small Wiki but that isn't essential to migrate.

I'm not crazy about SharePoint, as I can't host it on my Linux servers, and I can't really get in and customize it. Hosting SharePoint ourselves is prohibitively expensive, as we are a pretty small shop, with about 20 users.

I'm wondering if Alfresco could be used as a SharePoint replacement. My understanding is that it does integrate with MS Office. For example people are used to doing check-in / check-out from within Office 2007. That level of Office integration is essential for my users.

I'm wondering if Alfresco supports custom lists and custom views like SharePoint. For example I have a calendar view which shows only the next two weeks of events. This is a view into a custom list: users can click on any item and get more information about the event.

Finally I'm wondering about migration. It there a tool to import information from my existing SharePoint site into Alfresco? Ideally I could import my site structure and library content. With the document libraries, I would ideally me able to import the full version history of the files. For example, who edited what when, along with all the old versions of files.

How much of this is possible in Alfresco?