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Drop down list in advanced query without constraint

Question asked by soriaedu79 on May 20, 2010

My situation is as follows.

Provider -> Populates my Alfresco instance from Web Service
Customer -> Read from my Alfresco instance using the Web Client (advanced search)

I want to create some drop down list for the Cusomer in the Alfresco advanced query.I know that it's possible with constraints list but I can't do it in that way.

With an example will be clearer.

I have a custom aspect with a property prop1 and a file prop1Values.txt with the values A, B and C. My objectives are:

1- The customer must to be able to choose among this values in the advanced query

2- Alfresco must work fine and don't throw a constraint exception if the Provider (WS) puts a new value D. That's the part that makes impossible the use of constraints.

The customer will not populate Alfresco so it doesn't matter if the drop down list appears in the Creation Content Wizard of the Web Client.

Is it possible to implement that with a new Component Generator? What would be (in short) the steps to take?

I have read the project of Jean Barnash but it talks only about extending constraints so I can't use it

I have also found this post but the JIRA link included doens't work

Any help?

Thank you so much in advance.