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Alfresco in the cloud and EU data protection law

Question asked by rserrano on Jun 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2012 by jamesfletcher

I'm evaluating Alfresco in the cloud for my company in Spain. However before even considering Alfresco-Cloud as a potential solution, I need to know if Alfresco Software Inc. (which is, if I understand correctly, the company offering the Alfresco in the cloud service) complies with EU Data Protection law.

As you might know, if I upload documents into Alfresco in the cloud, and those documents contain personal data about my employees or my customers, EU data protection law requires that the service provider complies with EU data protection law, in the sense that the provider has access to the data (and, if the provider does not comply, my company would be breaking the law).

As far as I know, being Alfresco Software Inc. an American company, the only way to comply with EU data protection law is to be in "US-EU Safe Harbor list". And, unfortunately, I can't find Alfresco in the list (you can access the list in

Therefore I'm immediately tempted to conclude that Alfresco Software Inc. (regarding the "Alfresco in the cloud" product) does not explicitly comply with EU data protection law, and therefore that I cannot pick Alfresco as a cloud provider. I would love to be proven wrong …

Thanks for your help!


P.S.: A way to prove me wrong could be to point me to some info where Alfresco guarantees that, in no way whatsoever, can it access my docs stored in the cloud