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Trouble with google docs integration

Question asked by andres_ac on Jun 26, 2012
hi everyone, I am currently using Alfresco 4.0 community edition and I am trying to make the integration with google docs

so far I've done the following steps:

• Enabled google docs in share-config-custom.xml
• added the "<aspect name="gd:googleEditable" />" aspect in share-config-custom.xml
• added the following configuration for google docs in

[size=85]googledocs.googleeditable.enabled=true ECM system
googledocs.username=email address

• added the following in
# Enables google editable functionality

# Google docs application name ECM system

# Google docs URL

# System google docs authentication credentials
googledocs.username=email address

# Google docs spreadsheet service name

by doing this I was able to see the option to create google documents in my document library but after creating the document I see this


[size=85]gdocs is the name of the google doc I created[/size]

and if I try to upload the document to google docs I get the following error:


This is happening only with the google documents, I can upload an office document to google docs with no trouble and even edit it so I am a bit confused about this, hope you can help me, thanks in advance