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Dumping a share site from one alfresco instance to other

Question asked by yogeshpj on Jun 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2012 by jonash
We have a requirement wherein the scenario is as below.

1) We have around 3 lakh contents in a alfresco share site on production ( Say site A).

2) Now we are migrating around 2 lakhs of content in another alfresco share site (Say site B) on some (other) migration server.

3) We need to dump the site B from migration server to production server with least duration of production server downtime without any effect on Site A which is already running on Production server.

Is there any proven way to dump the site in a running production server in alfresco?

Below is the environment details.

Alfresco version is 3.4.3

MySQL 5.1.51

Tomcat 6.0.29

Thanks in Advance.