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Alfresco Share 3.3 Manage Rules

Question asked by sameer on May 21, 2010
Hi all,

New to Alfresco Share 3.3. I am trying to run simple example in DM. I have 3 folder, draft, approved and Archive.
I have define rule on approved folder that as soon as anything document {doc} comes into this folder convert in into pdf and moved to archive folder.
works fine.
In Draft folder,  document get uploaded , I assign a Review Workflow. Once Review Approves It should move to Approved Folder. I can assing workflow successfully, Task get completed successfully. but after that Business Rule does not work (Movement of document from draft to Approved)

I have tried couple of combination but it does not work
Percent Complete equals 100
Status equals 1
But none of them works.

Any help !!!