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Get variable of subprocess

Question asked by checco on Jun 26, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2012 by checco
Hi to all,
I have a subprocess that is reused in other processes and the subprocess can end with or without error. In the case of error the subprocess terminates with a ErrorEndEvent in the other case the subprocess terminates with a  normal EndEvent.
In the processes that uses the subprocess I have put a CallActivity task with a outgoing SequenceFlow and a ErrorBoundaryEvent attached, moreover in the main config of the CallActivity I have defined an outgoing parameters mapping that has as its source a subprocess variable and as its target a process variable.

In the situation just described there are two different behaviors if the subprocess terminates with or without error:
  • Without error: the process CAN access to the variable setted by outgoing parameters mapping

  • With error: the process CAN NOT access to the varibale setted by outgoing parameters mapping because it isn't defined
My problem is that the subprocess sets several variable that are used to handle the error in the process, but I can access to those variables only if the subprocess terminates without error!
Is the intended behavior? How can I access to the varibale of the subprocess from the process?