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[Solved]internal links in the wiki format

Question asked by michaelc on May 22, 2010
Latest reply on May 24, 2010 by michaelc
So I tried several options to do a simple link and all failed.
I am running 3.3

so I created a page called Test Wiki  then one called test1

  on the main page I created a link entered just the title  "test1"
   the HTML shows <a title="test1" href="/share/page/site/CESR/" >

  this throws an error 500 javax.servlet.ServletException: Could not resolve view with name 'site/CESR/' in servlet with name 'Spring Surf Dispatcher Servlet'

   I change it to <a title="test1" href="/share/page/site/CESR/wiki-page" > this gives me a new error.
An error has occured in the Share component: /share/service/components/wiki/page.
It responded with a status of 301 - Moved Permanently.
Error Code Information: 301 - The resource has permanently moved to a new location, and that future references should use a new URI with their requests.
Error Message:
Server: Alfresco - v1.0.0 (Milestone 3 270) schema 1,000
Time: May 22, 2010 9:35:58 AM

  So how does this work in a way that simple for a user ?