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Backup-Lucene-Indexes(Delete?, Move?)

Question asked by zxcv1234 on Jun 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2012 by jonash
Due to the tiny space requirements I am working with currently we are in a pickle regarding space on the partition that is sharing the contentstore data as well as the lucene-Index data.

Content-Store.Deleted is cleared regulary to make sure space stays open but I am iffy to go in and mess with the index files (even the backup ones). The last thing I want to do is corrupt the index and require a rebuild. Our users probally would not like that.

I am a little confused due to the fact that the lucene-indexes that are labeled backup-lucene-indexes are dated 1 year more recent that the lucene-indexes.

Would anyone mind helping me understand if it is ok to move the backup-indexes to another location?
If this is not possible is the only possibility increasing the available space?