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Automated deployment and configuration?

Question asked by dnallsopp on Jun 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2012 by dnallsopp
Hi all,

Are there any articles on automated deployment and configuration of an Alfresco server?  I've searched but found very little out there…

I (ideally) want to be able to do all of the following in a reproducible, scripted way:
  • Build and deploy Alfresco WAR and customisations (content models, custom actions, scheduled actions, webscripts, workflows, Share customisations) - this is the 'easy' bit as it is all static files that Ant can put together.

  • Create groups, and users, and assign users to groups

  • Create specific folders, and add rules (and their actions) to those folders

  • Set permissions on folders and content

  • Import specific content and metadata into the repository (i.e. load content, set types and aspects, set properties and associations)
The goal is to be able to deploy and configure a test VM from scratch in a matter of minutes, then (eventually) reproduce exactly the same setup into production.

Any pointers, please?