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alfresco folder rename problem

Question asked by supratim on May 24, 2010
Hi all,
Here is the problem we are facing with alfresco webproject.
We are using alfresco as content store for our website which
retrieves images , text contents from alfresco repository.
In the repo we have contents stored in folders. Our editors create subfolders
and upload images and contents (through webforms ). We have noticed
sometimes folders get renamed and this can not be undone.
For instance we have a folder called "Economy", it got renamed to "economy"
now all the documents that were referring to images in "Economy" can
not find those images any more. As a result our website sections
rendered from those contents go missing images.

Moreover the changed folder name can not be renamed to the original
"Economy" as it shows error "Failed to create new space due to error: Target already exists." Though Title and Description still shows "Economy".

How to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.