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Use search.luceneSearch to search for files

Question asked by yogesh_prabhu on May 24, 2010
Latest reply on May 31, 2010 by amarendra.thakur

I am working with Enterprise edition 3.1
I am working with webscript examples. I got a webscript example(whitepaper) at the following link:

I have a space named Someco under company_home. I have some files under that folder. Now i want to search for these files by their name.

I am using this syntax:

var query = "PATH:\"/app:company_home"
+"//*\" +TEXT:\"whitepaper\" ";
var whitepapers =search.luceneSearch(query);
Is this correct?

When i execute the webscript, i get a long list of errors..

Any kind of suggestions are welcome..

Thanks in advance.