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Install to get repository on other disk of primary system

Question asked by williamgh on May 25, 2010
Latest reply on May 28, 2010 by mrogers
Let em first expain my intended configuration on this rig. Will be about 10-ish people using Alfresco as a Doc. server over a GB network.
I have a Dual proc. Zeon (dual core) 3.2 GHz with a primary drive of 150 gigs and three SCSI-3 drives into a RAID-5 configuration totaling about 280 GB. My OS is Win2008R2.

I thought I would install Alfresco on C: and have the database reside on the Raid drive. Is this a reasonable configuration or should I install both Alfresco and the repository on the Raid drive???? (please do not suggest a seperate database server as we dont have the time or cash for that)

What got me questioning my original thoughts on this, after a couple different installs I am having difficulty understanding how to configure it the way I was suggesting above.
I first installed MySQL on C: and located the InnoDB on the RAID. Made sure it was working. Then installed Alfresco using the installer and unchecked everything except the first three (Default component, Java, and OO) and in the install procedure, the program asks what DB do I want it to link to. I choose MySQL and it confirmed successful.

So I started up Alfresco and uploaded some heavy files to test the repository growth and low and behold, it accumulates in the Alfresco directory.  WHY???

What do I need to do to get, at the least, the database on the RAID OR is it better to have both Alfresco AND the database on the RAID? (I need the RAID for protection against disk failure situations)

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