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JLAN configuration as Alfresco dependency

Question asked by afaust Moderator on May 25, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2010 by afaust
Hi everyone,

I am hunting down some issues concerning passthru authentication with the Alfresco 3.2 Enterprise environment of our customer and traced it to an apparent issue with IE NTLM challenge behavior. Before I conclude that "nothing is wrong" on the part of our code, I need some logging output from the JLAN authentication components embedded in Alfresco.
Unfortunately, while I've found the guide to configure JLAN in standalone apps and several posts regarding that configuration, I did not find the configuration file I'd expect to ship with Alfresco.

I'd appreciate any hints on where to find that file ("that file" meaning a JLAN configuration file used by Alfresco) or how to configure JLAN logging if Alfresco uses a different approach to configure JLAN than provided in the JLAN documentation.

Thanks and Regards

Axel Faust
IT-Consultant / Software Architect
Frankfurt am Main, Germany