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Question asked by newhere on May 26, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by shambhavi
Hello! I'm using OpenCmis to work with Alfresco 3.3. I want to be able to put tags to documents or folders and to query about those tags.
I'm able to look for the aspect taggable in that way:


I don't know if there's a simpliest way to do it. Is it correct?

I really don't know how to make queries. If I do

session.query("select * from cmis:folder where cmis:name like '%myFolder%'", true);

I get main properties of the document but none extensions.

Doing that:

session.query("select * from cmis:folder where cm:taggable like '%myTag%'", true);

I get
Invalid column for

I'm really confused and I haven't found much documentation. Any idea?