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How to find total number of document uploaded in repository?

Question asked by dynamolalit on May 26, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2010 by chapeaurouge

Is there any way i can get total number of content documents uploaded in Alfresco repository by all existing users.

I found one db query but it does not seem to give correct ouptut.

SELECT count(*) FROM alfresco.alf_node a where type_qname_id=35;

where 35 is id for content in alfresco.alf_qname table.

I want total number of documents uploaded either via 'Add Content' in Alfresco explorer or using WebDav or any other mechanism.

I think i am missing something. :!:

Any web script or java script or service api or any db query will do?

Would appreciate for any help!