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Future of the Module Management Tool

Question asked by paulsg on Jul 2, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2012 by mrogers

We've been looking at migrating building and installing some of our existing AMP based projects to the maven-amp-plugin, but we've found quite a few situations where it doesn't support all of the functionality of the MMT, e.g. it doesn't support developer provided files ( - see, which is a big problem for us because our module really needs to overwrite existing code (especially in the share.war file)

We're happy to continue using Ant and the MMT, but it's raised a concern here that there might be a general move towards the 'maven-amp-plugin' way of doing things (which is to encourage development of non-conflicting AMP packages that don't overwrite existing code in the Alfresco .war files).

Are we safe to assume the MMT will continue to be a supported tool (and work the way it does now) for the foreseeable future, or should we look at bringing our code into line with the way the authors of the maven-amp-plugin really want us to do things?