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[SOLVED]Custom pooled-actors-tasks dashlet

Question asked by eferreira on May 26, 2010

I'm developing custom workflows in Share, using Alfresco 3.2, currently my primary goal is to have a pooled actors tasks dashlet, something like the my-task dashlet but to the pooled actors.

I already read on forum to use the workflowService.getpooledtasks() but i didn't saw any place, that make sense, to me, to put it.

On this moment what I have is a custom dashlet but showing the same as the my-tasks dashlet.

With some effort, and hope saying something correct, I know that I fill the dashlet with this code lines:

// Call the repo for sites the user is a member of
   var result ="/slingshot/dashlets/my-tasks?filter=" + args["filter"]);
   if (result.status == 200)
      // Create javascript objects from the server response
      return eval('(' + result + ')');

I tried to put "/my-pooledtasks?filer" instead of "/my-task?filter" but this didn't work.

Some help needed.

Thanks in advance.



After some deep digging I found in
the code to edit….voilá it works