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Question asked by aweber1nj on Jul 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2012 by afaust
Reading "Professional Alfresco…" by Caruana, Newton, Farman, et. al., there is mention of four classifications of ACL (pg 120) : DEFINING, SHARED, FIXED, GLOBAL.

However, the text only describes in some detail how ACL inheritance works with DEFINING and SHARED ACLs.  It devotes only a few sentences (pg 121) to a high-level description of FIXED and GLOBAL ACLs, with no further implementation, example or usage details I could find.

Is there any reference on how to define and use these FIXED and GLOBAL ACLs?  I think I would like to leverage them to explicitly define the ACL on some objects – typically Folders – such that I have a direct way of defining the precise ACL for that level of the repository tree…at least at that object.

I would basically be fine with ACL inheritance for the most-part.  Just would like to be able to explicitly set an ACL where necessary (by name, because it's very convenient and straightforward).  If that's in the middle of a folder-tree, I guess I'd have to figure out whether Alfresco would re-propagate the ACL to all the sub-objects…but that's getting ahead of the main question.

Thanks for any guidance/pointers.