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actions with empty evaluators in share-config-custom.xml

Question asked by chrisokelly on Jul 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2012 by chrisokelly

After a few months of development, our share-config-custom.xml has become rather messy, especially with vi's handling of tabs and copy-pasting. So today, when I had to make a rather large change to it, I decided to clean it up. As I was going through it, in the actionGroups section, I found rather a few actions with an empty evaluator field, which I found odd. These are actions which I have copied directly from the default files (we made a few changes to which actions are shown in the document library, these were included as part of the same config section). As an example:
      <actionGroup id="folder-link-browse">
            <action index="100" id="folder-view-details" />
            [b]<action index="110" id="document-locate" label=""><evaluator /></action>[/b]
            <action index="120" id="document-delete" icon="folder-delete" label="" />

Not that this is causing any issues (that I know of), I am just curious if someone with more grok of Share than myself knows why this would be? As it is only some of the actions that have these empty fields, it seems like a deliberate choice. Is there perhaps a default evaluator used when the field is empty (just grasping at straws here).

As I said, this isn't causing me any grief. If you only respond to one post a day, it's probably best you move on and help someone that needs it more than me. Just curiosity mainly, especially seeing as designing custom actions is one of the next things I'll be looking at doing.