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Add and view metadata using a JSP page

Question asked by ankit_yakkundi on May 28, 2010

I am working with Alfresco EE 3.2r
I know how to add custom aspects when uploading a file in Web Client..and when i click on view details for that file i get to see the new custom aspects too..

Now, i have created a simple JSP page..i have kept an upload file button which successfully uploads the file in alfresco repository..i also add some metadata about the file in some text-fields..but i dont know how to send this metadata to the alfresco repository.. :(

Now when i click on view details button, i want to see the metadata that i added..(Same as it happens in Web Client)

This means that the metadata that i add must be stored that i can retreive it..

Can anyone please tell me how and where can this metadata be stored in alfresco repository so that i can retreive it..? :?:

Is there any API that i should call for this..?

Any kind of suggestions are welcome..