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Alf 4.0d Share + Shibboleth SSO + public sites how?

Question asked by torlasz on Jul 8, 2012

I'v set up Alfresco Share 4.0d (community version) with Shibboleth authentication exactly as described in the wiki article:, except i've put only 'location /share' under shibboleth, not  the whole site, as suggested. (That way the alfresco explorer service is not shibbolized). Share works fine.

My problem is: if I create a public 'site', or share anything, people who try to visit the URL given to them are redirected to the shibboleth login page and if they don't have an account they cannot view what they are supposed to. That means, the 'site' is not public at all, and I cannot share anything with people who are not members of our university.

I understand why this all happens, but I would really like to have both: shibboleth SSO login for my users, and being able to create public site, and share stuff publicly. How can you achieve that? Obviously, I shouldn't protect the whole /share location with shibboleth. But how can you configure this properly, in a secure way? Any ideas are appreciated.