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Question asked by hansmoser on May 28, 2010

we are currently using an Apache webserver connect to an openLDAP server to provide WebDAV to the users.

Today someone pointed out that Alfesco may be an alternative. So I'm here. :)

My first question is how to authenticate with LDAP and an non DN attribute. [And please don't point me to the Zimba LDAP thread, I found that in the search, read it but did not found the answer there, it ist almost about groups. Or I overlooked something.]

The users' DN ist somewhat like employeenumber=11,ou=users,ou=foo and I would like the users to authenticate with i.e. there mail address in the mail attribute. I could not find any suiteable configuration option here.

In here it seems the table shows that with LDAP there is no options to use CIFS. Is this the case?
What does "WebDAV     default authentication filter" mean? Will it work with LDAP?