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Instructing Alfresco CMS to use custom tables [Newbie]

Question asked by spulci on May 28, 2010
Latest reply on May 28, 2010 by mrogers

we're considering adopting Alfresco CMS to realize a portal using as few as possible Java coding. We'd like to understand at a very
high level how Alfresco operates transaction on custom DB tables.

A possible scenario could be a web-form which data should be stored on a custom table on submit. At this point we just need
to know if Alfresco is able to associate some kind of transaction to a web form, triggering them on some kind of predefined events
and if these transaction can be written using some sort of configuration files (e.g. an xml file which defines a particular table
on a defined and previously configured db schema); we just want to define transaction and events in a total configurable way
without, if possible, implementing interfaces but just using configurations or at lease a well mixed balance of two.

Could you please suggest us a link to a tutorial or to a documentation chapter or any other information that helps us realize
tools can Alfresco provide us about this scenario?

Best regards