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How to (and where) contribute

Question asked by m_scapoli on Jul 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2012 by m_scapoli
Hi to all,
I've finished my degree thesis project on a plug-in for Alfresco 4.x versions that make a Diff operation on two different versions of the same document loaded on Alfresco.
My degree thesis is based on working on open source environment then I wish to redistribute my work in the same way for all the "Alfrescan" people here.

Anybody can advise me on the best way to set up an open project for share my work with you guys? Google Code Project Page could be a good choice?

Very soon I'll post something more interesting also on this forum.


P.S: Here two screen of how looks the plug-in, in the first you can see a version "bug" (the version label in grey say 3.0 for both the versions but the the upload date instead is correct because is different) that is caused by an hardcoded function of Alfresco that I'll try to bypass in the future


in the second you can see that the layout of the lines is somewhat incorrect ("Hello!" substitute "Nevermore" and the lines are "out of indent"), this is another enhancement that I'll add in the next versions