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not seeing all the content types I expect

Question asked by robertmarkbram on Jun 1, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2010 by robertmarkbram
Hi All,

I am making my way through Jeff Potts' Alfresco Developer Guide and have gotten to the stage where I have seven content types that I should be able to see when creating new content. But I only see two of them. Below is the screen shot showing the two I see.


And here is my scModel.xml. There are no errors in the alfresco.log file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!– Definition of new Model –>
<model name="sc:somecomodel" xmlns="">

   <!– Optional meta-data about the model –>
   <description>Someco Model</description>

   <!– Imports are required to allow references to definitions in other models –>
      <!– Import Alfresco Dictionary Definitions –>
      <import uri="" prefix="d" />
      <!– Import Alfresco Content Domain Model Definitions –>
      <import uri="" prefix="cm" />
      <import uri="" prefix="sys" />

   <!– Introduction of new namespaces defined by this model –>
      <namespace uri="" prefix="sc" />

      <constraint name="sc:campaignList" type="LIST">
            <parameter name="allowedValues">
                    <value>Application Syndication</value>
               <value>Private Event Retailing</value>
                    <value>Social Shopping</value>

      <!– Enterprise-wide generic document type –>
      <type name="sc:doc">
         <title>Someco Document</title>
            <association name="sc:relatedDocuments">
               <title>Related Documents</title>
      <type name="sc:marketingDoc">
         <title>Someco Marketing Document</title>
            <property name="sc:campaign">
                  <constraint ref="sc:campaignList" />
      <type name="sc:whitepaper">
         <title>Someco Whitepaper</title>
      <type name="sc:hrDoc">
         <title>Someco HR Document</title>
      <type name="sc:salesDoc">
         <title>Someco Sales Document</title>
      <type name="sc:opsDoc">
         <title>Someco Operations Document</title>
      <type name="sc:legalDoc">
         <title>Someco Legal Document</title>

      <aspect name="sc:webable">
         <title>Someco Webable</title>
            <property name="sc:published">
            <property name="sc:isActive">
      <aspect name="sc:clientRelated">
         <title>Someco Client Metadata</title>
            <property name="sc:clientName">
            <property name="sc:projectName">

Any advice would be most appreciated!