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Disabling Ldap working on Alfresco Co 2.9.0

Question asked by subemontes on Jul 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2012 by subemontes
Good Morning.
I configured a running alfresco 2.9.0 in 2008 against a Microsoft DC (Ldap) with quite difficulty and looking in the forums for help. Much of the threads help me a lot, and after some figth, it worked nice.

That alfresco still runs cos it's used to internal document storage but we have a problem now… The domain is going to dissapear (we have been adquired).

So, I have spend the last 6 hours of work searching old threads and docs for "diabling NTLM", and I think i found them, but not as I would like. I'll explain:

There's only a few files modified on 2008, located in alfresco\web-inf and shared\…\extensions
In one post, tolds that for enabling NTLM u have to modify web.xml with parameters… I have it modified.
Current web.xml is:
      <filter-name>Authentication Filter</filter-name>
Expected web.xml with Ntlm is
      <filter-name>Authentication Filter</filter-name>
The same filters are configured for WebDav (but it isn't used)
The problem with that web.xml modified is that I cant enter… no admin/admin no old accounts of the domain… no old users…
¿Any Advice?

[size=150]The second option[/size] is "changing" the DC at the new domain, I have done so modifing:
ntlm-authentication-context.xml and… and it works! but then another strange thing happens:

After configured to a new DC, and added a user to "authority-services-context.xml" so I can log as admin… I can see the spaces and the docs, but the application that use it cant :(
The parameters of the app are:

The same code, with another used, pointing to the old domain works, but it didnt work to the new domain (and the user is admin)

I'm a bit lost in this option. ¿Any advice?