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Module conflict simple-search-additional-attributes

Question asked by jua on Jun 2, 2010
Hi guys

I am having some trouble with simple search attributes from different inhouse modules overriding one another.
We are running several modules in a 3.1.2 version of the alfresco web-client (currently unable to upgrade to a newer version)
Two of the modules have custom web-client-config.xml files with simple-search-additional-attributes config setup.
There is no dependency between the modules.
Both configurations work if the modules are installed independent of one another (i.e. module A installed without module B or module B installed without module A).
When they are both installed the simple-search-additional-attributes config is being loaded from the last module (possibly overriding any previous simple-search-additional-attributes configs).

Is there some config I need to add to get them both to load?

Thank you