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Lucene query problem (too much results and lacking results)

Question asked by michalwrobel on Jul 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2012 by michalwrobel
My goal is to schedule an action for every file in a given directory(recursively).
I started with a simple action just printing out file name to log and implementing cron + lucene query configuration in xml as stated here

Problem instance:

I have a 'testDir' in company home with one file 'testFile'.
But my action returns 3 filenames: 'testFile' , 'doclib' , 'webpreview'.

I tried with other directiories, 'doclib' and 'webpreview' were always there. Sometimes it also happend that guid-like filenames were printed out, and in one case one of the files was omitted.

Important parts of my implementation:

Scheduling config:

<property name="queryTemplate">
        <property name="cronExpression">
          <value>0 0/1 * * * ?</value>

Filename logging in Action:

String fileName = (String) nodeService.getProperty(actionedUponNodeRef, ContentModel.PROP_NAME);
logger.debug("filename: " + fileName);

So the questions are:

- is this lucene query somehow incomplete? (it occured that one of the existing files was omitted)EDIT: may it be caused by 'stale' lucene indexes?
- I guess there are some 'spiecial hidden files' which are not shown by Share client. But how should I write the lucene query to get only files which are 'human relevant'? (without doclib, webpreview, and guid named files rubbish)