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Upload Content into WCM using Explorer

Question asked by sefkan3 on Jun 2, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2010 by sefkan3
I am having a problem uploading content into WCM using explorer (Iinstalled the community edition 3.3 with full install option).

I created a sample web site. The only available options in your sandbox are "create content" using web forms (you cannot upload here) or browse the site.
When you browse the site, you get the following actions: add content/create folder/create content (ie web form)/bulk import.

When you try to upload files ex image files through add content, you can select the file to upload but in the following dialog where it shows you the uploaded file and displays a name, content type and encoding, if you click on the ok button, it always gives the following error:

"  Please correct the errors below then click OK.
Failed to create content due to error: null  "

It doesn't seem to work no matter which file type I upload. I also saw a ticket open in JIRA on this topic back in Dec 2009 but there was no resolution.

What is the standard procedure for uploading content into WCM (bulk import works but not upload files) without using cifs or ftp?
Is this related only to the full install or is anyone else experiencing this? If not, are you using a custom install or only using the other upload options (cifs/ftp).
Are users only using this for web form upload or ECM capabilites?

Thanks in advance