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Regarding creating rule in workflow

Question asked by rajanigupta on Jun 3, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2010 by rajanigupta

I have a workflow having three groups of users i.e CREATOR,APPROVERS,PUBLISHER . The following steps are to be followed

1-CREATOR  creates a document and submitt for approval

2-APPROVERS  i.e a1,a2,a3  approves the document and pass it for publish (there are three approvers )

3- PUBLISHER publishes it

I have created the workflow and its working.   The issue is that I am unable to make a rule that if the document is approved by all
the three approvers only then it has to be published
.    I am new to Alfresco.If I have to create java script code or what?
How can I make rule regarding this situation.Please help me :?:  :?: