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Applying an aspect to modify node behaviour at runtime

Question asked by thagg1975 on Jun 3, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2010 by invictus9

maybe just a novice question but I would appreciate your thoughts on the matter.

Lets say we have a document of type 'e_document' (custom type with own properties defined).

We apply the 'Versionable' Aspect and our own custom aspect named 'e_document_content' that defines some properties, e.g.

introduction (d:text)-> index enabled=true, tokenizable=true, stored=true, atomic=true
title (d:text)-> index enabled=true, tokenizable=true, stored=true, atomic=true

In our application we have the functionality to publish (means that we set a specific property to 'published' for the latest version of a document.) At the same time we want to modify for all previous versions (well, just the one before the current) the behaviour of some properties (namely the 'e_document_content' aspects' properties).

So the thought is that we apply a new aspect with the intention to modify the properties defined in the e_document_content aspect. The new aspect would be e_document_content_prev_version_aspect :

introduction (d:text)-> index enabled=false
title (d:text)-> index enabled=false

Is this possible? Or is there another way to ensure that the previous documents do not occupy space in the indexes ?