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Migration to SOLR

Question asked by blob on Jul 16, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2012 by arnoldschrijver
Dear all,

I'm in the process of migration from Alfresco 3.4.7 to 4.0.2 and now I'm trying to move from Lucene to Solr indexes.

The problem is that I can't get Solr to rebuild a complete index.

From the share/page/console/admin-console/solr page, I can see the following details regarding indexing:
Indexing in Progress: Yes
Index Lag (Seconds): 1342427663 s
Last Indexed Transaction: 0
Approx Transactions to Index: 190555
Approx Index Time Remaining: - 0 Seconds

The only thing that changes is index lag (constantly growing).

I checked Solr status from JMX console and I can see the following values:
Current: true
MaxDocument: 5301
NumDocuments: 5299

Basically, Solr indexed just some system files, but none of the migrated documents from any of the sites.

Any ideas?