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Multi-tenant - Database/Schema

Question asked by palashg on Jun 3, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2013 by jpfi

In Alfresco muli-tenant environment, content gets stored in its respective tenant specific file store. "But the meta-data is logically partitioned within the DB schema". Any multi-tenant cloud implementation generally follows one of the following data architecture :

1) Separate database(s) - each tenant will get its own database along with schema
2) Shared database, separate schema - all tenant(s) will share one database, but will get separate schema for each tenant
3) Shared database, shared schema - All tenant(s) need to share same database and same schema. It means each record in shared schema/database has to be identified with tenant specific identifier

Looks like Alfresco follows third approach. Is that true? Now if this is true, how can we take the backup for tenant specific data from DB? All customers' data is really sitting in a same place (same schema) and loosing multi-tenant flavor. Is not true? Can anybody pl get back with response ?

Can we run a multi-tenant Alfresco instance having tenant specific schema? If yes, how?

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