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property inheritance in types

Question asked by robertmarkbram on Jun 4, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2010 by almer.bolatov
Hi All,

Going through Jeff Potts' SomeCo example from his Developer Guide, I have created (among others) these two types:

<type name="sc:marketingDoc">
   <title>Someco Marketing Document</title>
      <property name="sc:campaign">
            <constraint ref="sc:campaignList" />
<type name="sc:whitepaper">
   <title>Someco Whitepaper</title>

And in my config-custom.xml file, a rule says display campain for marketingDocs:

<config evaluator="node-type" condition="sc:marketingDoc">
      <show-property name="sc:campaign" display-label-id="campaign" />

So…  a marketingDoc has a campaign property (list) and a whitepaper is a marketingDoc. Why then, when I create a whitepaper, don't I see campaign? I thought there was inheritance in effect here?

Thanks for any advice!