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Constraints list for type in REST API

Question asked by moabb on Jul 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2012 by moabb
I am trying to get a list of constraints for a type from the REST API and it doesn't seem to provide it from any resource URL. When getting the type from this URL:

the API gives me back a type definition with a blank list of constraints
       "name": "grey:region",
       "defaultValues": "",
       "dataType": "d:text",
       "multiValued": false,
       "mandatory": true,
       "enforced": false,
       "protected": false,
       "indexed": true,
       "indexedAtomically": true,
       "url": "/api/property/grey_region"

Why are the constraints listed as empty when I know they exist and can see them in the share application?

Any help is much appreciated.